1. boyhood:

    Cecil Ehn’s spring wizards’ collection features roses and ruffles, using traditionally feminine elements to emphasize the sensuality of men and magic.

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  2. strongholdleather:

    You need these in your life. Right now.

    How else are you going to scare all the other campers into thinking that there are bears around?

    Get your bear claws here.

    where were these when I needed bear claw inspiration…?? T_T

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  4. todaystie:

    Viktor Magazine

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  5. petrole:

    une passion pour jeanne d’arc, stella tennant by paolo roversi for vogue paris february 1994

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  6. hikikogal:


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    Bracelet with brake fluid and gasoline from cars.

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  8. lunostar:

    A Victorian “poison ring” of 18k gold, with a central casket flanked by two ram’s heads (an occult symbol). The casket, which is enamelled in green and set with a large emerald, opens to reveal a sizeable inner chamber that would easily meet all your poison-storage needs.

    this must be the ring Pat Robertson was talking about.

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  9. vintagegent:

    Potted Plants, 1920s via The New York Public Library Digital Collections

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  12. larvalhex:


    always reblog cause #goals

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  13. adovelin:

    Tough, a fashion project

    ‡     Alexxander Dovelin

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  14. pepperonccini:

    This is almost cyber bullying…  you are right those pants are a bad idea…I drew this based on bnkn62 ‘s post.