1. snubpollard:

    (Benkei in New York, Jirō Taniguchi, written by Jinpachi Mōri)

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  5. sixdora:


    Please do not repost/reblog, use, modify, etc. anywhere. Thank you.


  6. spectacularuniverse:

    From ‘A System of Anatomical Plates’ by By John Lizars, 1822.

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  7. fyodorpavlov:

    Et in Arcadia Ego, second in the series. I love drawing flopped over penises almost as much as hard ones. Aw.

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  8. mlysza:

    smoke break

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  9. ot3ot3:

    Happy birthday, Ishiyan!!

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  10. tenfiends:

    I’ve recently been introduced to tokyo ghoul by a friend and felt like painting the mask of the main character because its design is so good.

    Sorry for posting so scarcely as of late; Working full-time with a side job consumes much more time than I thought it would.

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  11. Fake burds hiding under gnarly lichen covered branches I found today.


  12. pa-luis:

    My submission for the Hunter x Hunter fanbook ! Now that the preorder period is over , we can show the full picture so I decided to upload my entry too. I drew this on March… my style is a bit different now but still plants. Cool.

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  13. cheatingdeath:

    Gérard Dubois


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  15. cloven:

    repeating tentacle patterns~

    don’t even ask, I don’t know. free for use with credit!