1. svdp:

    new pieces from Andrew Hem’s “Dream but Don’t Sleep” series which will be at LA’s Merry Karnowsky Gallery. 

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  2. melontoyo:

    until I return to the soil


  3. simmkox:

    소년/소녀와 꽃 합작 한거…마무리를 급하게해서 넘 아쉽다

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  4. belorin:

    Emily Kaldwin from Dishonored. Drew for a collaboration.

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  5. juliedillon:

    This is an entry I made for Helpful Bear Productions’ Kaiju Design contest.  (which is still ongoing, btw, if you want to enter!) Rather than design one full kaiju, I wanted to try playing around with bigger interlocking shapes and see if I could squeeze various creatures together. 

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  6. coeykuhn:

    My entry for this Hanniboo thing! Would have liked a few more days to work out some of the boogers but as much as I could do btwn work n commissions @ m @ mebe on slim chance I get picked i can mess around with it for an extra day. anyway- ENJOY!!!
    #Hannibal Did This


  7. robot-lolo:

    let’s just fade into nothing

    animation + still image!  i prefer the still.  anyway, nothing more than some anatomy practice :3

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  8. amandalanzone:

    consumed - when the bulls run wild

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  9. lesfleursdelart:

    Les énervés de Jumièges, Evariste Luminais

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  10. haldrauve:

    Sometimes you just need to see the sweet ones suffer.

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  11. null-physical:

    take a chill pill

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  12. ghostgreen:

    practiced drawing my new anime boyfriend today~ i wasn’t going to upload my sketches but they turned out all right so i cleaned em up a lil. haven’t drawn baras in a long ass time either so it was worth it. so hot .. ….hhhhh 

    also if you haven’t seen Kill La Kill it’s a tremendously fun anime, highly recommend 

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  13. kladderier:





  15. as-warm-as-choco:

    Tekkon Kinkreet (鉄コン筋クリート) Background Art by Shinji Kimura

    Art Director : Blue Exorcist (movie), Tekkonkinkreet, Steamboy
    Background Art : My Neighbor Totoro, AKIRA, Urusei Yatsura

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