1. stagandserpent:

    Illustration for Altar Of Plagues / Year Of No Light split LP

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  2. Pixiv ID: 41728405

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  3. motherhugs:

    antinomy (2013.1)/boomeran

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  5. harteus:

    || majestät

    this killed me. i lost the pic twice, from which i had to start over from the sketch. and every version turned out differently, too bad i wasn’t able to save the other two. getting awfully nervous about this one now, i’m just not sure about the colours or anything and i’m afraid i’ve missed something. i tried to focus on storytelling and symbolism instead of just doodling down some naked dude just for the fun of it. so, well. this is majestät, my king oc who’s basically in love with himself. he doesn’t care about his kingdom, and it’s crumbling under his view. civil war, extreme poverty, corrupt government, he doesn’t care as long as he has himself. 

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  6. 19thcenturyboyfriend:

    Academical painting from nature (1887), Joaquín Sorolla

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  7. purenonsens:


    Joanna Krótka
    A hypnogogic midnight calculus ticks through the eye in Joanna Krótka’s work; it feels like a candy-colored charnel house limpid with otherworldly spirits, immortals lounging gauchely, ghosts looming portentously, all caught in a web of neat line and chromatic intensity.

    Thank you for the feature!! <3

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  8. prettyskeletons:

    Fresco depicting The Triumph of Death in Palermo, ca. 1446.

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  9. The Unfortunate Mr. Samsa by Rich Johnson

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  10. moshita:

    The Amperxandt

    Hedi Xandt

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  11. cloven:

    "Why can’t I rest?"

    "Because you’re not dead. You’re only asleep."

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  12. mineralists:

    Dioptase and Bayldonite
    Tsumeb Mine, Namibia

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  13. orano:

    ENKI BILAL - Amnesty International

    Acrylic, china and pastel on paper - 31 x 28,5 cm - 1997

    From MAGMA catalog - Exhibition at Napoli, Museo Diego Aragona Pignatelli Cortès - 2000

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  14. parumi:

    baa baa baa

    I love cutey sheep characters


  15. kelpls:

    when it comes for you, embrace it

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